Adil chaoui is an inspiring sportive trainer with more than 17 years of experience in different disciplines.

For him, Sport is the epitome of dedication and hard work even if the person is naturally gifted. Founder and owner of MY GYM in the capital of Morocco, Rabat, Adil Chaoui is one of the most notorious personal trainers in Morocco.

Whether through a tough workout, persevering a professional goal, or overcoming an obstacle, Adil Chaoui stimulates mindsets to shift from failure and scarcity to success and possibility. His clients include celebrities, professional athletes, models and ordinary people from different ages and nationalities. Adil Chaoui as a dynamic character with extensive knowledge of physical fitness has trained many flourishing athletes.

Setting goals can be inspiring, exciting, and challenging, but Adil Chaoui encourages his clients to focus on the process and on the goal at the same time to maintain progress.

This is why this great trainer will always give you the appropriate workouts, processes, methods, and techniques.

or Adil Chaoui, it's important to recognize and celebrate your hard work to stay on track.

To gain international experiences and develop more sport expertise, Adil Chaoui travels regularly to several countries for training sessions, internships and competitions (USA, Russia, Thailand, Spain...). Thanks to these trips, he develops his professional network and learns more specialties in order to satisfy all clients’ needs.

At 6 years old, Adil Chaoui was already practicing Karate then playing basketball with a famous national athletic club named FUS. At 19 years old, he started practicing kickboxing until he became a great promoter of this discipline within the Moroccan Federation of Kickboxing and Thai boxing. Therefore, he promoted many global events, including more than 8 kickboxing world championships. Furthermore, Adil Chaoui was selected as a ring speaker of many important kickboxing fights in Morocco.

This is why fitness for Adil Chaoui is much more than doing frequently sport fitness is instead a way of life, a way of thinking, interacting and inspiring people.

In 2001, Adil decided to launch his own gym in Rabat which was previously named Golden Gym and from February 2016 called My Gym. His classes are small and individual attention is guaranteed to preserve the quality of the sessions. Whether your dream is to become a champion fighter or simply to get in shape and shed a few pounds, My Gym works with you to achieve your goals and several services and options are proposed. After initiating this personal project, Adil Chaoui became an active member of the Kickboxing Professional Commission and has obtained 16 certificates in various disciplines as kickboxing, Muaythai, fitness, kettle bell and body-building. Adil Chaoui’s commitment and passion made him nowadays one of the most competitive and successful trainers in Morocco. He aims to enhance physical and mental growth of all his students empowering them to gain the required skills to excel throughout their life.